5 Year Fixed 4.74%

5 Year Variable 5.90%


Fiad Pancham, PFP

Mortgage Agent - Level 1

Not all mortgages are created equal. While getting the best rate is important, of equal importance is shopping for the best terms and conditions to suit your personal financial situation. As your mortgage agent, I have access to a wide range of lenders to select from which allows me to find the best features and approval for you.

I have worked for a major Canadian bank for over 25 years gaining valuable experience about the industry and I will apply this experience and market knowledge to help you make an informed decision on the various products/options available in today's market. I will work with you during the approval and funding process as well as through the life of your mortgage to provide comfort and peace of mind

Whether you are purchasing a new home or investment property, renewing or refinancing to consolidate debt or doing some home renovations, I am happy to help and advise on the various options available to you.

Fiad Pancham, PFP

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